Avvanta NOC Notifications http://www.avvanta.com/network-status Outage notifications and other relevant announcements for the Avvanta Network. Limited to the 10 most recent events less than 30 days old. en-us Copyright 2020 2020-01-21T00:44:53+01:00 support@avvanta.com Avvanta NOC Notifications Scheduled Network Maintenance 2020 01 09 - 2020-01-15 15:51:27 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1179 We will be installing new border routers in the Westin Building starting at Midnight. This is expected to be non-service affecting. *Update: This maintenance has been completed. Avvanta support@avvanta.com http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1179 Frontier DSL Outages in Washington - 2020-01-10 08:28:11 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1180 Frontier is having a regional network outage. The outage is effecting DSL and other services on their network. They are aware of the issue, and are working to resolve. However, they have no estimated time to repair at this time. Update - 17:47 - We are starting to see recovery of our DSL services across the network. If you are continuing to experience connectivity issues please reach out to support. Avvanta support@avvanta.com http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1180 Network Outage 2020 01 05 - 2020-01-05 03:37:58 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1176 We are aware of the network connectivity issues some of our customers are experiencing. Admininstrators are working to restore services. There is not an ETR currently. We will update this notice as information becomes available. 03:36AM Update - We are starting to see recovery on our network. If you continue to experience connectivity issues please reach out to our support. Avvanta support@avvanta.com http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1176