Avvanta NOC Notifications http://www.avvanta.com/network-status Outage notifications and other relevant announcements for the Avvanta Network. Limited to the 10 most recent events less than 30 days old. en-us Copyright 2019 2019-10-18T04:26:55+01:00 support@avvanta.com Avvanta NOC Notifications Accounting Maintenance Completed - 2019-10-03 00:19:07 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1151 The scheduled maintenance for the MyAccount and billing systems has been completed successfully. All account functions are again available. If you encounter any issues please call Support at (425) 818-6500 or email support@avvanta.com http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1151 Scheduled Maintenance: (Wednesday, October 2) MyAccount and Billing Systems - 2019-10-01 15:43:39 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1150 We will be finalizing our maintenance of the accounting backends during the weekly maintenance starting Wednesday, October 2nd at 9PM PDT. Account changes and payment processing will be unavailable. The maintenance is expected to last 4 to 6 hours. http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1150 Scheduled Maintenance: (Wednesday, September 25) MyAccount and Billing Systems - 2019-09-25 10:14:51 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1149 We will be taking the MyAccount systems offline tonight, Sep 25 at 9PM PDT for maintenance. Account changes and payment processing will be unavailable. The maintenance is expected to last 4 to 6 hours. http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1149 3:58PM Network Disruption - 2019-09-23 16:59:11 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1148 3:58PM - We are currently experiencing a Network disruption, Admins are working to restore services. We will update this notice as information becomes available. 4:59PM: Admins were able to isolate and repair the cause of disruption. If you are still seeing network issues, please contact support. http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1148 Scheduled network maintenance 9–19–2019 - 2019-09-19 01:00:32 http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1146 We are starting scheduled maintenance. This is not expected to be service affecting nor is there any expected outages. ** - UPDATE Maintenance is complete, there are no known issues currently. ** http://www.avvanta.com/network-status?pid=1146