Jabber Instant Messaging Setup Information

Overview/General Information

Every account and mailbox on Avvanta's system includes the ability to connect to our Jabber instant messaging (IM) system. Jabber is an open, secure, ad-free alternative to consumer IM services like AIM®, ICQ®, MSN®, and Yahoo®. Avvanta's Jabber service is connected to the global Jabber network and it can be used to communicate with any of the thousands of people throughout the world connected into the Jabber network.

Your Avvanta IM connection does not require any special activation procedures or different passwords. It uses your existing account information that you are already using for your email, DSL, dialup or other account settings.

Avvanta's Jabber servers also support secure communications over SSL. The connections between your computer and Avvanta's servers are encrypted and secure. Avvanta's servers will also attempt encrypted communications with other Jabber servers on the Internet if it is supported. When communicating with other Avvanta subscribers your IM sessions are completely secure.

When setting up your IM client, you will need the following information:

Jabber ID or JID username@avvanta.com
Password Your existing Avvanta password
Server name or address im.avvanta.com
File Transfer Proxy proxy.im.avvanta.com
Chat/Conference Server chat.im.avvanta.com

Different IM clients will require slightly different information. Avvanta has setup guides for Exodus, PSI and Gaim. The Jabber Foundation also maintains a list of known Jabber clients on their website. Choosing a client is a generally matter of personal preference and Avvanta does not require the use of any specific client to use our IM service. The clients we have setup guides for have been tested and each functions very well with the Avvanta network.

Setup Guides

Need more assistance?

If you need further assistance you can search the Avvanta site from the Search box at the top of the page. You can also consult our Support section or send email to Avvanta Support.

Our support staff is also available by telephone at (425) 818-6500 or toll free at 888-662-5274.