Gaim IM Client Setup Instructions

This is an Avvanta Jabber Service Setup Guide. If you need assistance with Pidgin (aka Gaim) and are not an Avvanta customer, please contact

Pidgin (formerly Gaim) is a feature rich instant messaging client for Windows and Linux. It supports messages, chat, group chat and file transfers.

The Gaim installation package may be downloaded from the Gaim web site. For general information about Avvanta's Jabber Instant Messaging service, see the Jabber Instant Messaging pages.

Installing Gaim

Once you have downloaded the Gaim distribution, you will need to install it. This is done by double-clicking the downloaded file, which will launch the installation wizard. After selecting the language to use and agreeing to the license terms, you will be given a list of options to install with Gaim. The GTK+ Runtime environment, the Gaim program itself are required. The themes are optional. The Wimp theme is the default and is designed to blend well with the default Windows theme.

After selecting the components to install, click on Next. You will be prompted to select the location on your computer to install, the default location should normally be used. After selecting the location to install Gaim, click Next and Gaim will be installed.

The final step in installation will have an option to run Gaim. Make sure that the box to do this is checked and click Finish to close the installation wizard and start Gaim.

Account Configuration

The first time Gaim starts, you will be presented with a window that contains your list of IM accounts. To setup your account, click on Add to bring up the Add Account window.

In the add account window, you will need to set up all of the options before your account will be usable.

For the Protocol, select Jabber.

For the Screen Name enter your Avvanta username.

For the Server, enter

The Screen Name and the Server make up your Jabber ID, or JID. For Avvanta's Jabber system, this is the same as your Avvanta email address, i.e. When someone wants to send you an instant message or start a chat with you, they would use your Jabber ID to initiate the message or chat.

In the Password box, enter your Avvanta password. If you want Gaim to remember your password so you don't have to enter it each time you start the program, check the Remember password checkbox. Optionally, you can check the Auto-login box to have Gaim automatically connect and log you in whenever you start Gaim.

Click on the + to Show more options on the account window.

The Port should already have 5222 entered.

In the Connect Server box, enter

Click on Save to save your account information and close the Add Account window.

After adding your account, it will be listed in the Accounts window. To sign in, click on the Online checkbox for the account. Gaim will sign you into the Avvanta Jabber server.

Adding Contacts

To add a contact into your roster, click on the Buddies menu and then select Add Buddy. Enter the Jabber ID of the person you wish to add to your list of contacts for the Screen Name then click Add. The contact you are adding may have their client set to approve your request before you are allowed to add them into your roster. Most clients are also configured to automatically add anyone who adds them to their roster, which means that you will likely get a request to allow your JID to be added to the other persons roster.

Once a person has been added into your roster, starting a chat with that person is done by double clicking on their entry in your roster. If the person is not in your roster, you can still start a chat with them by selecting the Buddies menu, and selecting New Instant Message. You will be prompted to enter the Screen Name (Jabber ID) of the person you would like to start chatting with. Note that many people configure their client to only accept requests from people that they have authorized as contacts, so it is generally a good idea to add the people you want to chat with into your roster before chatting with them.

Starting Chats and Conferences

To start a group chat, also known as a multi-user conference, or MUC, where you can have any number of people participating in a single conversation, select the Buddies menu, then select Join a Chat.

For the Room, enter the name of the chat room you would like to create or if you are joining a chat room, enter the name of the chat room. Room names may contain letters, numbers, or the underscore or dash symbols. If the room does not exist already, it will be created for you automatically.

The Server should be specified automatically, if it is not, enter

The Handle is how you will be known while in this room. It will default to your username.

If you wish to password protect the room in order to make it private, enter a password in the Password box. If you do not specify a password, anyone on the Jabber network will be able to join your chat room. Alternately you may leave the password blank and you will be asked to specify additional chat room configurations which will allow you to make the chat room availble only to those you invite.

The password used for a chat room should not be your Avvanta password. The password specified for chat rooms is used to secure the chat room only. It should be a new password that will be easy to remember by the people you invite to the conference.

After you have specified the name of the room and the chat window opens, you can invite people into the room by clicking the Invite button on the bottom of the chat window. A list of people on your roster will appear. Clicking on one of them will invite them to your chat room. This is a quick and easy way to gather people to a chat room.

Avvanta's servers are configured to automatically remove chat rooms one hour after the last person leaves the room.