Avvanta’s Speed Test

About This Test

This speed test determines the relative speed of your connection to the Internet based on how long it takes to download a preset amount of data from the Avvanta web server to your computer. This test should not be used for anything more than informational purposes. There are no completely accurate ways to test the speed of a connection from a web site. Factors that can affect the results include other downloads that may be running on your computer or LAN, personal firewall products, the load of the Avvanta web servers, and the availability of bandwidth between this web server and your computer. These all have an impact on these test results.

Why Use This Test

What this test is useful for is determining a baseline for the speed of a particular DSL line. Avvanta subscribers with the Century Link Deluxe service should typically see between 480Kbps and 520Kbps using this test. Frontier Infospeed 768/128 or Bronze+ subscribers should typically see between 600Kbps and 650Kbps. Dialup subscribers will often see between 30Kbps and 45Kbps, depending on the quality of the modem and phone line they are connecting from. Avvanta subscribers using this test from their Avvanta connections will "bypass" the Internet and will be running this test from a server that is a maximum of two "hops" away, eliminating the Internet or various backbone providers as the source of a speed bottleneck.

Getting Accruate Results

When running these tests, the larger the test file, the more accurate the test will be because it will give the connection a chance to stabilize and level off. Larger tests will take longer to load, but should take no more than 5-8 seconds on a DSL line. It is not uncommon to get different test results each time this test is run. Run the test a few times using the larger sizes and use the average of the tests when determining your speed.

Select the type of connection you are currently using to start the test. This will start the speed test, it will take several seconds to complete.

How does the Speed Test work?

The speed test works by calculating the amount of time it to transfer a fixed amount of data from our web servers to your computer. The amount of data sent is then divided by download time to determine your transfer speed.