FTP Programs

To upload files to your Web Space you will need to use an FTP program. Most operating systems include a generic command line FTP program you can use instead of these FTP programs shown here.

General Information

The following information is applicable to almost every type of account at Avvanta. It is meant to be a quick reference for various server names and services that application software will ask for.

POP3 Server mail.avvanta.com IMAP Server mail.avvanta.com
SMTP Server mail.avvanta.com NNTP/News Server news.avvanta.com
Web Server home.avvanta.com Customer FTP Server userftp.avvanta.com
Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
Web Based Email www.avvantamail.com

Mail Server Information

SSL (encryption) is available on all mail services (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP)
POP3 Port 110 SSL Port 995
IMAP port 143 SSL Port 993
SMTP port 25 SSL Port 465
Enable SMTP Authentication if sending from outside the Avvanta network (Relaying Denied).