Advanced Spam Protection

Avvanta's Advanced Spam Protection is a highly effective means of reducing the amount of junk email you receive. With a Defense In Depth approach to protecting your Inbox we have assembled the most effective spam fighting techniques into a powerful and easy to use system.

Reminder! The ASP filters can affect wanted email and as such the Advanced Spam Protection is not enabled by default. You must enable the ASP rules in the Tools menu of the CCC.

How it Works

The first line of defense for all Avvanta email addresses is that provided by the DNS Blackhole Lists (DNSBLs) we either subscribe to or developed in-house. The DNSBLs utilized as part of the Advanced Spam Protection system stop, on average, over 10 million connections from known spam sources every month!

Cloudmark Authority

Cloudmark Authority is the industry's most effective, highest performing messaging security solution. Unbeaten in head-to-head trials worldwide, Cloudmark Authority filters spam with greater than 98 percent accuracy and near-zero false positives. Cloudmark detects messaging abuse in any format or language, including image spam, virus attachments, and phishing URLs.


Avvanta's own highly sophisticated realtime Blackhole list. SPIKE monitors all incoming email and monitors where that email came from. Should an Avvanta subscriber's filter tag an email as spam the IP address of that spammer is already known and a score gets attached to that spammer's IP address. Once enough spam has been received from a single source SPIKE automatically blackholes that IP address for a minimum of 24 hours after which it is automatically de-listed. If that IP address starts spamming again in the future it takes fewer spams to be re-listed and the time spent in the SPIKE list is doubled each time. (1 day, 2 days, 4 days, 8 days etc..) Using this sliding scale method SPIKE has become extremely effective at curtailing the amount of junk mail received from dedicated spam operations while minimizing risks to legitimate email senders.

Avvanta's Anti-Virus

AvvantaAV service (powered by ClamAV) is automatically enabled for all Avvanta mailboxes. Every email arriving on the system that makes it past the DNSBLs must then pass through AvvantaAV's rigorous anti-virus scanner. As with the DNSBLs the AvvantaAV system is updated in realtime. Within 15 minutes of a new virus or worm definition being added to the ClamAV database your Avvanta email address is automatically protected!

Avvanta's Anti-Phishing Filter

Our Anti-Phishing Filter automatically recognizes incoming email that fraudulently claims to be From an Avvanta Administrative email address.

SpamAssassin Rules Based Filtering

The venerable Spam Assassin® Rules Based Filtering system. Spam Assassin examines an email looking for characteristics common to all spam. Fake email addresses, fake headers, garbage text and of course the language commonly used in junk email like the infamous "make money fast". Since many of these characteristics may appear in legitimate email Spam Assassin doesn't automatically assume that a message is spam if any single rule matches. Spam Assassin instead assigns a point value to each rule the message matches, and the more points a message accumulates the higher the probability is that the message is spam. You choose how many points are needed as your Spam Threshold.

Your own custom filters!

Take control of your email! Avvanta provides you the ability to fully customize your email rules with filters you define. Use the filters to stop persistent spammers, protect email from important sources, or to organize your email automatically.

Protecting your mailbox

Your email is important! Even the best filtering methods can sometimes make mistakes, which is why Avvanta provides an easy method to protect the email sent to you from your friends, family, and business associates. Add an address to your CCC Address Book and all email from that address will always be delivered to your Inbox. Never again worry about your most important email being accidentally filtered. You can even import your Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape Mail address books making it simple and easy to safeguard all of your most important addresses in one easy step!

Tip! Do not list any of your own email addresses or email aliases in your Address Book. The vast majority of spam is sent with fake From addresses and in many cases the From address of the spam will be the same as the To address. If you include your own email addresses or aliases in your Address Book, you're Whitelisting that address - and all the spam that forges your own email address into the From field will make it into your inbox. See our Spam Filtering page for advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of Avvanta's Advanced Spam Protection.