Uploading Web Pages

Create your "home" page.

Unless you wish for people to be forced to enter a specific document name each time they access your web page, you need to create a home page with the name index.html. This should be placed in the directory web_docs. There are nice HTML editors available for most platforms, and any of these will work fine for creating your home page (or any successive pages).

Important: Avvanta's system is case sensitive. index.html must be in all lower case letters for the server to be able to find it. index.html, Index.HTML and Index.html would be seen as three different files on our system. Make sure that your index page is all lower case.

For file names, do not create files with spaces or the following characters in them or the web server may not be able to access them correctly:
~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) = + | { [ } ] : ; " ' ? /

You can use:

Getting your pages onto Avvanta

Once you have written your pages, you need to place them in your web_docs directory. The easiest way to do this is with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. The FTP server that you will want to login to is userftp.avvanta.com. Login with your login ID and password and you will be placed in your home directory. For setup guides for the most common FTP programs please see the FTP setup guides.

Test your home page

The full path to your newly created home page is: http://home.avvanta.com/~yourlogin, replacing login with your login name.

If you have any difficulties or questions on setting up your Web pages, please send a message to Avvanta Support letting us know where you are having difficulties. Be as specific as you can about the error message you are getting.